Aries season, retrogrades, eclipses, oh my!

April Newsletter - reflections, herbs, recipes, and updates

Happy Spring! We’re halfway into Aries season and approaching a Solar Eclipse in Aries, so I’m sharing my guide to navigating it.

Aries Season (March 19, 2024 - April 19, 2024)

As a cardinal Fire sign ruled by Mars, Aries represents mental and physical exertion. We may feel like we can do it all (and realize pretty quickly that we can’t do everything). Mercury also stations retrograde today, so miscommunications can contribute to frustration and irritation. The change in weather might also induce allergy symptoms like sinus congestion, eye irritation, and sneezing.

We especially want to take care of our head, face (especially the jaw), and eyes, where this energy can accumulate and cause tension, pain, and inflammation. If you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle this season, don’t force it! Take a step back, breathe, and reevaluate before trying again.

On April 8 there will be a full solar eclipse. Solar eclipses generally symbolize radical change and new beginnings. In initiatory Aries, this can be a time for personal (and hopefully, societal) transformation. I wrote a post on using herbs to sustain liberation movements if you are looking for additional guidance on harnessing this energy for societal change.

Herbs for Aries Season

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